Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Callie's 'Tangled inspired' 5th. Birthday~

Callie's 5th. Birthday fell on a Wednesday.  Sooooo.....after a full day of music teaching and Kid's Club, her party started around 9:00PM after church.
 Blue jello 'water' with orange slice boats.
 Food served up in frying pans!
 Cheese and pepperoni boats
 Frying Pan Flynn Game
Seth drew the poster for me.
 All the cousins
 Pascal party blowers for each party guest.
 Callie with her gifts.
 A tiny Rapuzel doll with accessories.
 A beautiful dress from Grandpa and Grandma.
 Princess game from Seth.
 A pretty card and money for her doll fund.  She's saving for an American Girl doll.:)
 Pastor Mark trying to give Callie her gift.  She hid under the table 'cause she didn't want anyone to see her get the gift.  lol  It was some more money for her doll fund.
 She was pretty happy to see her cake!!  The entire family had kept the entire theme/cake a secret. 
 Can't believe our baby girl is 5!!!
 Callie wanted ice cream in her purple-white chocolate covered sugar cone that was on the top of the cake.
 This was taken just seconds after I caught her wiping her ice cream covered face on the tablecloth!!  Grandpa was howling!!!:)
 We had the Tangled movie playing for the kids/grown-ups.:)  I do not get into animated movies, but this was one I really liked.  I just love a good fairytale.
 I sewed this Rapunzel dress for Callie on Tuesday.  It was a BIG hit!!!  The Rapunzel hair was made out of an entire skein of fluffy, thick yellow yarn. 
 She flitted around the living room after the party guests had left, singing the song from the movie.
 throwing the hair up in the air....
 And of course, her doll, Jenny, had to have a matching dress.  This, I made up Wednesday afternoon after my music teaching and party preparation was finished.

 Jenny's Rapuzel dress.....
 A close-up of the bodice.  Simon helped cut out the front piece for the dress.  It was his idea to sew her doll a new outfit. I didn't think we would have time, but I made it work.  :)
 Duane and I caught the boys playing with Callie's new Rapunzel toys. :)  Just had to get a
This was a super-fun party to put together!!


Stephanie said...

You are an amazing woman! I'm just a little wowed by your creative talent, if you can't tell. :) We are camping this weekend, and they showed Tangled at the outdoor theater tonight. If I hadn't been so tired, I might have gone up and watched it. My kids think it's awesome.
Great job on the party. I'm sure Callie was thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Wow... everything turned out so neat... I love the cake and the long braid!! It really is a cute movie... finally got to watch it. I'm glad Callie had such a nice party!

Sarah H.

Rob and Deanna said...

Very cute party! Just wondered how you did the Rapunzel tower, looks like the middle are donuts? Also, what about the flowers on the cupcakes?
I love themed, unique parties, using things that you probably already have in stock. :-)

~Regina~ said...

Thanks everyone!! :)

Deanna, you're right. The tower was made out of one dozen donuts. I used glazed, but would strongly suggest using cake donuts instead. The bottom ones were really smooshed!! lol Duane put a dowel rod into a block of wood to form the base and to support on the donuts. On top is some pecan twirls and a cupcake with a purple/chocolate-covered sugar cone. The entire thing took less than 30 minutes to make. The flowers on the cupcakes are just fake flowers from the dollar store. This was a fun theme to do.:)

Jeanne (Shackelford) McIntosh said...

Looks like she had a wonderful time on her birthday!!! So creative of you all the things you do!