Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Happenings from June

Some men's shorts-turned-skirts for some ladies at church.
My new running skirt that I LOVE!!!!  I've had this idea in my head for awhile.  I finally sat down own day last month and made it.  I was so happy that my first try turned out
Father's Day---Taco Salad
Sunday afternoon on Father's Day I baked 2 pecan pies and with the leftover pie crust made these mini Dutch Apple pies.
Can't believe he can still stand on his head!!  This was on Father's Day also.  Callie and Simon tried and tried to stand on their heads.  If they keep working at it, I'm sure they'll get it down.
Some summer raglan shirts for Duane.  I'm loving the bright colors on these shirts!
I just love how they look all finished and folded.  I can cross one more thing off of my never-ending sewing list!:)
A mug rug .for my SIL
This was made for a lady at our church.  It ties on to her walker.
Made these all in one day. 5 pairs of culottes for Callie that she wore at church camp.  They were wonderful for keeping her modest while playing on the playground!!  I'll have to say, the light pink ones are forever stained after sliding through the mud!lol
A yummy homemade pizza one night.
My entire running skirt/shirt combo that I sewed.  (Skirt shown above a few pictures...don't know HOW my pictures got out of order, but I don't feel like fixing it!! lol)  It was funny. I got the skirt made and realized I had no top to really match.  I grabbed this striped fabric from my stash and had one made in 30 minutes!!  I was so happy running the next morning in my new duds. 
Some Astilbe(I think) blooming.
Super-comfy every day knit a-line skirts.  These are so fast and easy to whip up.

Samuel showing off his new moma-made pajamas and his new hairtcut.  He got a number ONE!!!  It was SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's all for now......loads more to get caught up on, but am running short on time these days!!!  More later.....:)


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics... can't imagine why you're running short on time... hee hee

Sarah H.

Carrie said...

I'm wondering if you should go into business! I know several ladies who would absolutely LOVE your running skirts! Have you ever thought about opening up an Etsy shop?

Rob and Deanna said...

I am so wishing I knew how to sew like this! What would you charge to make me some culottes like these for Kiana if I provided the material? I have some material & patterns even to make her some skirts but I have to get a friend to show me how & I am afraid I will NEVER get it done! :-) Kiana is so tall & skinny that I have to get a size 10-12 to fit her length wise, but then they are huge in the waist, so I have a REALLY hard time finding full skirts & she gets real frustrated when trying to ride bike & roller blade.

~Regina~ said...

Carrie, I would love to open up a shop offering running skirts, culottes, etc....right now I'm just making them for people as they ask me to, etc....One of these days I'll take the time to have an online store.

Deanna, I sent you a message on FB. I'd be glad to help you out.:)