Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pink & Purple Overload!!!

When we moved here YEARS ago.....this was planned to be a guest room with a lighthouse theme.  After a year it became a boy nursery with a lighthouse theme.  The following year it became a girl nursery still with the lighthouses.  Well, we've added pink/purple decorations over the years, but that good ole lighthouse border stayed.  Sunday night, I decided it was time to tackle the project I've been putting off.  Tearing down that border.  You see, we had promised one little 4 year old that for her birthday we'd paint her room in the colors of her choice.  Early Monday morning, we piled in the car to buy paint and wallpaper remover.  After looking at many shades it was decided (by Callie) that the walls would be Tickled Pink & Windsor Purple.  Can I just say that I nearly died when I brushed on the first stroke of that pink paint.  I ran for the paint chip card thinking surely the store made a mistake.  Nope, it was EXACTLY the shade of the card.  Now that is finished it has grown on me.  I think I'm beginning to like this pink and purple madness!!!  Callie for sure LOVES her new room.....SOoooooooo, without further ado....I give you BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Callie's room transformation. 

 Her dresser piled sky-high with things.  And just take a look at that PILE of stuffed animals. 
 The AFTER pictures
 The dresser is just a little less filled up now.:)
 I love her pink/purple robe.  I cut this out of a ladies size and made it kid's sized for her.
 Laundry basket, hairbows, and check out the greatly decreased pile of stuffed animals/dolls now.
 I just LOVE this picture.  Seth painstakingly drew and colored this picture as a gift to Callie.  He did a fantastic job!!
 She's starting her purse collection young!!
 Very happy in her new room.
A few more pictures she wanted me to take!!

Thanks for looking!  :)


Angie Davis said...

It's perfect! Okay, now I kinda want a little girl to make a room for...well, not enough to HAVE another baby, but close... ;o)

Anonymous said...

I love it... it's definitely Callie... (-;

Sarah H.

Betty said...

Really cute and Seth did do a great job on the picture. I wondered if your kids were following in your creative shoes.