Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Recital 2009 11th. Annual Spring Recital was last night. This year's theme was Musicians on the Red Carpet. I had a 60 foot red carpet for all the students to walk down at the beginning while I played Across the Stars. I neglected to take a picture of the front of the church with the red carpet, decorations, etc. I'm hoping that another parent took one that I can get a copy of. All in all, the Recital turned out great! There were a couple hairy moments (Such as when I was playing the processional song with a soundtrack in the complete dark and didn't have it memorized!!!! Yikes!!! Somehow I made it through that first page of music. Believe me....I was panicking and praying at the same time. One of my students did NOT bring her music. She thought I was going to bring it!!! Fortunately I found this out BEFORE the Recital started and her dad went home and got her music for her. Multiple students forgot their music stands. Therefore we all had to SQUEEZE around 6 music stands for the group songs.) All the students did a wonderful job, and I am so proud of them. I'm also very glad it's all over until next year. I do need to start working on the Summer Music Contests & selecting duet/ensemble music for everyone to learn for the Fall Recital at the nursing home. But, I'll worry about that next week. Right now, I am taking a little breather! :)

Here are some pictures of the Recital. As soon as AT&T gets their act together and sends me a router that's not defective, I'll get the videos uploaded for you all to see. The supposedly new one they just sent keeps knocking us off the Internet multiple times each hour. (I called them this morning, and they're OVERNIGHTING one to us!!!) Intermittent Internet connection is NOT a good thing when you're trying to upload videos!!!!

A shot of me....piano/flute/violin/viola teacher accompanying one of my students.

Sorry Tina.....I just had to include this picture. Duane was so proud of himself with this shot.

Can you tell Samuel is just absolutely thrilled to be at Mommy's Spring Recital. I asked him if he liked the music. His reply, "I liked the Old MacDonald and the Darth Vader Song" (someone played the Star Wars Theme & Samuel insists that is the Darth Vader song) :)

Callie----during the Recital.

Students with Perfect Attendance. Just 12 of them this year.

Duane took two pictures to get all my students in. I didn't take the extra time and get an organized shot this year. But, here they all are..........

It's cookie & punch time..........
My niece, Lauren, along with some parents & students.

Serving punch to the crowd. I missed my mom! :( She always serves the punch for me. She had a class and couldn't make it this year.
Simon, Callie & Seth enjoy the one time a year they can eat an unlimited supply of cookies. Samuel is off somewhere helping Daddy and Grandpa clean up the church.

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