Monday, May 11, 2009

A Free Treat from Coldstone----Yummy!

What do you get when you combine dark chocolate ice cream, Reese Cups, one chocolate-dipped waffle cone bowl & sprinkles? 4 happy kids and 1 happy mommy!
After school today, we redeemed the free Mother's Day coupon from Coldstone Creamery!
I let the kids pick out the ice cream and toppings. It didn't last very long with 5 people sharing! The kids kept filling up the waffle bowl with our own vanilla ice cream after the dark chocolate stuff was gone. I got all of 2 bites, but it was the best 2 bites of ice cream I've had in quite some time! :) Thanks to my 2 older boys, Seth & Simon, for giving me the free Mother's Day coupon!!!

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