Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YOU can make a difference....Get out and Vote TODAY!

What happens when you are driving a van, talking on the cell phone and trying to take a picture of the place that you voted at? NO...this is not a joke. I tried doing all three of these things at the same time and ended up running over just a few curbs! Oops! :) At least there was no damage (unless you want to count being horribly embarrassed when realizing that there are 3 cars behind me that witnessed my moment of temporary insanity). Needless to say, the picture didn't get taken until later in the day. I stopped at just the perfect spot on a side street, zoomed in and got the shot I wanted. Now, why didn't I think of that earlier. The picture below is a reflection in my rear-view mirror. No, I wasn't driving when I took the picture. I was safely stopped along the side of the road (with my hazards on) to take a picture of the place that I voted at. I happened to glance in the mirror and this is what I saw. Pretty neat, huh....


Heather said...

you are so funny. That sounds like something I would do but not tell anyone.LOL

Erin said...

Vote, I did. Just not enough of us!

HA, my mom turned 52 yesterday. She has never tried to hide her age. However, no one has ever guessed her to be her age... she doesn't look 52.
No worries, Thomas and I are 9 years apart. Mom had me when she was but a child... so that puts her and Thomas 12 years apart! YIKES