Thursday, November 27, 2008

Columbus.....and back home again!

Last Saturday, Laura & I spent the day in Columbus. We spent most of the day in the Blue Moon Event Center learning all about the products of BeautiControl. You see we both bought the Consultant packages and had to attend the training seminar before we could get Part 2 of the package. We sat through about 5 hours of training!!!!! The fun part was going out to eat twice in one day without 4 kids along, shopping without pushing a double stroller and two more kids beside the stroller, and seeing the stadium where the Ohio State Buckeyes were playing at the very moment we passed it and I snapped the picture to the right of this blog post. The un-fun part of the day was getting up at 5:15AM to leave! That was WAY TOO EARLY! The funny part about that was Duane having to get up and drive me to Laura's house. You see, he forgot his keys at work and had no spares at home. order to have transportation while I was gone the entire day, he had to get up out of his nice warm bed, along with ALL 4 of our kids and drive me across town. To be honest, I'm kinda glad he forgot his keys, I really didn't want to drive myself anywhere that early in the morning! I figured everyone would go back to bed...but I guess they all stayed up!!!! It was very nice to have an entire day off.

We arrived back home at around 7:00PM. The kids all came running up, giving me big hugs and telling me how much they missed me. I had to go straight to my laptop and finish a digital scrapbook and get it ordered. The coupon for the FREE book expired at midnight that night! I had most of it finished. I basically had to proof-read it and swap around 2 pictures. Simon got my camera and snapped the shot of me. The two older boys are enjoying being able to take pictures with the digital camera and seeing them right away! He tried to take a picture of both he and I didn't quite turn out! :) Later Duane went out and got pizza for everyone and than put all the kids to bed for me! Wow! It was wonderful having an entire day off!

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