Thursday, November 6, 2008

~A bike and a trike~

Callie had to get her bike out and 'try' to ride it when she saw Samuel on his tricycle. She can climb on, but hasn't got the hang of pushing the pedals yet! She makes the bike 'go' by throwing her body weight forward. =)

I had no clue that Samuel could actually ride his tricycle. The last time I saw him on it, he kept his feet on the ground and pushed himself around that way. I guess he's been practicing with his older brothers! :)

~Video clips of the kids riding their bikes~


sarah said...

Looks like fun! Grace still uses her feet to make her bike "go."

Carrie said...

Heh. My kids practially lived on their trikes during warm weather.

Um, Brennan says your new music is torturing him. ;) He's not a fan of "The Wheels on the Bus." I think I'll leave your page open for a while. Ha!

Regina said...

You can tell Brennan tomorrow's post will have a different song. :)