Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~HCS Christmas Program~

Seth sings with his classmates. He is the one in the suit!
~3rd. & 4th. grade choir~
Simon made alot of interestig faces as he was singing!
Simon with the 1st. and 2nd. grade choir. He is the one in the suit that has his mouth opened the widest of ALL the kids! :)
The 1st. - 12th. grade singing the final song.
The boys did a great job singing. After it was over, I used a free movie rental coupon to rent WALL.E for us all to watch and picked up pizza from Little Caesars. We let the kids stay up until after 10:00! They were thanking us over and over for letting them stay up and eat pizza and watch the movie they had been wanting to watch for months!
Now today, I have to attack the house with a vengeance. I went shopping twice yesterday, helped decorate 2 more Christmas trees (one of these days I'll have time to take pictures of all 4 of our trees and post them), did some laundry, taught 5 lessons, and attended the kids' program. There was NO time at all to do any kind of cleaning.


sarah said...

Looks like it was a nice program...
How was Wall-E? I heard it was kind of slow.

Regina said...

Wall-E started out REALLY slow, but the kids thought it was hilarious!! All four of them loved it! It was a cute movie. I'll say this about it...this is probably the cleanest animated movie Disney has put out in awhile. Of course, I don't watch animated movies that often, so there might be some clean ones that I missed. :)

sarah said...

We'll have to try to rent it then. I was thinking of getting the Horton Hears a Who for Grace to watch, but I'm not sure she'd even sit through a whole movie. :-)

Regina said...

She might sit through Wall.E. Callie and Samuel did. In fact, Samuel is still talking about Wall.E and Eva (the other robot) today!

sarah said...

That's too cute. Grace is still talking about playing with them on Sunday.

Carrie said...

I loved Wall-E. So did the boys.

No school Christmas program this year, thank goodness. The church program is a huge production that Brennan is stressed out enough about. Ugh! We'll be all programmed out after Sunday! Yay!