Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What does a Christian Soldier & George Washington have in common....?

They're brothers on their way to school!

Seth shows off the chocolate pudding pie he made to take to school
for his Fall Party!
Simon signs his name on a copy of the
Simon won 3rd. place in the costume contest for his grade.
His potato (pictured below) won 2nd. place in the best-dressed potato contest! He decorated the potato all on his own. He wanted to have some eggs for his bird, so mommy boiled them to be on the safe side. :)
Seth mixes up the pudding for his yummy chocolate pudding pie! He did a great job with making his pie. All four of my children love to bake and cook as often as mommy will let them!
I think this sweet potato was absolutely darling. The nest is coconut, tinted brown with chocolate icing. The bird has pineapple leaves for the tail and wings, olives for the eyes, and cinnamon sticks for the fancy spike! Simon did a great job with his creativity on this project!

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