Sunday, December 14, 2008

Callie's Crazy Curls! I decided to curl my daughter's hair for her very first Christmas program. Let's just say it turned out FAR curlier than expected! LOL I think she actually enjoyed the whole process. She didn't complain one time when I was putting all the curlers in her hair. I figured when I put her to bed she would have a fit about sleeping in them. But, no....she actually cried when putting on her nightgown messed some of them up! She wanted to have pretty hair! Dear me.....what will she be like in a few years!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! :)

.....hmm.......maybe I'll roll my entire head in curlers for next Sunday! :) What do you think that would end up looking like.......?

Oh, by the way...any suggestions on how to curl a little girls' hair so that it looks a little less wild!!! :)

I decided to make a collage of the pictures to show you all the results and now I'm uploading it for the SECOND time! The first time I got a message saying BAD REQUEST -ERROR. I wonder if there is an easier way to upload collages of photos? Now I am getting more messages....Could not contact Blogger. Just isn't my day. Or maybe it's because it's Sunday and I should be taking a nap! :) Bad thing.....if I take a nap on Sunday afternoon, I have found that I just can't sleep Sunday night. :(

Am trying to upload for the THIRD time! Aaagghhh!!!!! This time I changed the file format on the collage. Maybe that will fix it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, but it is still SO cute! I like it like that!

Carrie said...

Um, if you did that to your hair? I'm thinking poodle.

Her hair is adorable! I can relate to wild and there's nothing you can do short of using 1/2 a can of White Rain!

Heather said...

I think it is adorable!! Oh for the days that I could curl my girls hair. Very cute!