Friday, May 7, 2010

~Pirates & Ooga Booga Monsters~

Callie picked out this Dora pirate adventure fabric when we went on vacation in March. Yes, I'm STILL working on that post.  Anyways, I had the crazy idea to sew her a dress to wear to the school program last night.  I decided this as I was going out the door to pick up the kids at 2:50.  We got home at 3:20.  I madly cut out the dress and sewed as FAST as I possibly could!  I had to start teaching at 4:00 and didn't get finished 'til 5:30.  Seth's program was at 7:00!!!  As soon as my teaching day was finished, I raced back to the sewing machine/serger.  I finished it, got myself and everyone ready AND cleaned up my sewing mess before we left at 6:30!!  Callie was soooo happy with her pirate dress!
Last night, Callie came out in her Ooga Booga pj's.  Samuel was like, "Mom, why don't I have Ooga Booga pj's?"  "Uh....son....because you told me you didn't like the fabric."  Anyways, I told him I'd make him a pair while he was at school.  Here he is trying them on after school was out today.  As you can tell, he LOVES them!!  They're a little big, but we like our jammies loose and comfy around here!! :)  This fabric is one of my favorite knit prints.  I just think the little ooga booga monsters are adorable!!!! 
Just some shots of the new technique I'm working on with my twin needle when finishing necklines.  I do have a coverstitch machine that will do this, but decided to try in on my sewing machine.  It worked great and I am in love with the results!! :)


Carrie said...

You whipped out a dress in a MERE couple of hours (if that)??? Goodness, woman, I can't whip out ANYTHING in a couple of hours!!

Angie Davis said...

I am positively green with dreadful envy that you can produce a dress so quickly. :o)

~Regina~ said...

awww....thanks girls!!! I have made this dress pattern MANY times before. That's why I was able to whip it up so quickly!! :)