Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bee attacks Beethoven!!!

Picture this......the beautiful notes of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' being played by a 9th. grade boy during his piano lesson.  All of the sudden, he turns to his teacher(that would be me) and says there's something crawling up my leg!  The teacher immediately assumes it's a very LARGE creature such as a mouse and jumps up from her chair!!  The boy lifts up his leg ever so slowly and there is a HUGE bee of some sort crawling.  She grabs a music book and asks the boy if he wants her to smack it!  His voice goes up an octave or too when he says, "NO!!!  Don't do that!!"  He flicks it on the ground.  Teacher dives on all fours, down to the ground, flopping all around, trying to squash the bee beneath a tiny little chorus book(Titled..."A Pocketful of Praise)!!!  She vaguely hears the music studio door open and close, but doesn't pay any attention to who came in as she's smacks the bee over and over!!!  Finally, the bee stops moving.  She looks up, the person that witnessed the whole flopping around on the floor while trying to squish a bee, is NOT a parent(thank goodness).  It's just the older sister come to pick her brother up.  Everyone had a good laugh of relief that the bee was squished and no one was stung in the process!!  As the lesson came to a close, the teacher found out that the brave student played an entire page of Beethoven, before he couldn't handle the crawling sensation and stopped to see WHAT it was!!! 

Picture of the squished bee!!!
This has got to be one of THE most INTERESTING things that happened during a music lesson.  I'll never hear/play Moonlight Sonata again without thinking about this event!!! :)

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Angie Davis said...

Bee thankful he did not decide to sting anyone--THAT'S what you would think of whenever you heard that song for the rest of your life!