Saturday, May 22, 2010

~Making crayons & more~

We decided to make new crayons with the old broken crayon pieces lurking around the house.  Kiddos & I peeled off all the paper......that was WORK let me tell you.  That paper was stuck like glue!!!!!
...dumped them in a mini muffin tin.....Make sure you spray your non-stick pan with cooking spray if you try this!!  Don't ask me how I know.....;)

We popped them in the oven til the wax melted.....pulled them out, let them harden and voila....
Beautiful new crayons!!!!!

A little while later, Samuel fell asleep while coloring.  I ran and got my camera and he woke up and stuck his foot in the air, supposedly to protest the picture-taking! :)
I put my camera away and heard snoring.  He had went BACK to sleep that FAST!!!  I snapped several pictures and he NEVER woke up!! :)  You gotta love the outfit today!  Geckos and camo go together, right?!!


Anonymous said...

Cute... wish I could fall to sleep that fast!!!

Sarah H.

Angie Davis said...

Okay, I kinda love that idea! I have a ton of broken crayons from Kids Club at church. But I'll spray my mini muffin tin VERY well first. ;o)