Sunday, May 23, 2010

~All Callie's Idea~

I had planned on just taking a couple pictures of Callie and her new outfit in the backyard.  She ran from place to place, telling me to take her picture 'like this'!  I indulged her for about 2 dozen shots, before I called it quits! :)  Here are some of her silly poses/faces!

She loved 'hugging the tree'!
Don't quite know who she resembles in this photo! :)
Hanging from the hammock frame.  Please excuse the various bits of toys/junk the kiddos have hauled into their ENORMOUS sand box!!! I have simply declared that area a 'lost cause'! ;)

Callie was quite pleased that I was able to make her a Dora shirt to match the Dora fabric she picked out for a skirt.  I found these iron-on fabric transfers at Wal-mart AND they were on CLEARANCE! 
I made this late Saturday afternoon.

This was the final picture she begged me to take.  She is quite the tomgirl!!!


The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your little girl's outfit is cute! Enjoyed browsing your blog. You did a great job on the Mother's day gifts. =)

Anonymous said...

That girl is too funny! Life will never be dull with her around!!