Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is there a teacher in your life that you appreciate?

This week is National Teacher Apprecation Week.  I know I really appreciate all my kids' teachers.  They spend hours each week day teaching my children and setting good examples for them.  Here is what I just finished up making for all my kids' teachers.  It was a simple and inexpensive gift to make.  My 2 youngest had loads of fun 'helping'!  Now they want to finish off the Swedish Fish!!! :)  If you don't have time to make/buy something for the teachers in your child's life, a simple note would brighten their day, I'm sure!!


Stephanie said...

Enjoyed this post! My boy's teacher celebrates a birthday today, so we brought her some special things for that, and hopefully we will do the appreciation thing Friday...kind of trying to spread out the joy! Your idea is very cute!

Angie Davis said...

Well, eek! I didn't know it was and I need to get teacher gifts. Thanks for letting us know!