Thursday, December 10, 2009

My 3 boys are learning how to sew!!!!!!!

All of my kids have been begging for me to teach them how to sew.  I saw an idea for making rice bags.  I thought that would be an easy project for them and they could give them to their teachers for Christmas gifts.  The boys picked fabric from my stash, cut out the pieces they needed and we got started. 

Here is Simon sewing all by himself.  I'll have to admit, he did pretty good for his first try.  He needs to work at sewing in a STRAIGHT line, but that will come.  He LOVES sewing and wants to do more now.  He learned how to sew a straight stitch, reverse, pivot at a corner and clip the threads.  He also used the iron to press his project. 

Simon with his teacher's Christmas present.  I found a cute poem on my sewing forum that I'm a part of that we will type up to go along with the rice bag.  These can be heated or chilled for aches and pains. 

Seth was very nervous about the whole sewing machine thing.  I'll give him credit, he stuck to it and finished it.  I don't think he'll want to do to much in the future.  He absolutely REFUSED to use the iron.  He definitely is my cautious child!!!

Seth is very relieved he's finished with his project!

Samuel helps pour rice into the bags.

Since he can't reach the foot pedal, I ran that and he helped guide the fabric through.  Before we were through, he was telling me that HE could do it all by HIMSELF!  He was pushing my hands out of the way and guiding the fabric through on his own. 

Samuel is proud of the bag he made for his Grandpa for Christmas.

A picture of all 6 bags we made tonight.  With all 3 boys helping, it went VERY FAST!!


Anonymous said...

How neat!! Sounds like a fun evening.

Sarah H.

Aimee said...

Regina ~ thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog! I enjoy seeing your pictures a lot. You're kids are so cute!!! =)