Friday, December 18, 2009

He should've rode the bus!!!

My son, Samuel, should've rode the bus today.  If he had, I wouldn't be writing this.  On a normal Friday, I am up around 6:30AM fixing breakfast.  Samuel is on the bus by 7:07AM, I sit down and eat.  Today was NOT a NORMAL morning.  The phone rings a little after 7:00AM.  I am still in bed, and it's a good thing I was when I heard who was on the other end.  It was one of my nocturnal friends that rarely get up quite that early.  It was a rather unexpected suprise to hear from her so early in the morning.  I laid in bed and chatted for awhile.  After all, I was taking Samuel to school this morning for his Christmas party.  There was really no reason to get up early because he didn't need to be there 'til 8:15AM.  Well......I FINALLY get off the phone.  It's 7:45.  I need to leave by 8:00.  Samuel is dressed.  Callie needs to eat breakfast and get dressed.  I get her dressed.  She eats while I fix breakfast.  I race to my bedroom.  Throw on clothes and slap a headband over my unruly hair.  Add some gel to tame the frizzy mess and we're good to go.  Then....I CAN'T FIND MY KEYS!!  Panic sets in.  I have 3 sets and not one of them are to be found.  They're not in my purse or eithre of my coats.  I don't see them ANYWHERE!!!!  Finally underneath a stack of mail that needs to be sorted, I find them.  Breathe a sigh of relief and pack the kids into the van.  We race across town to Samuel's school.  I pull into the parking lot with a few minutes to spare.  I realize I missed clipping the threads to the sleeves of the shirt I made to wear to the party.  Grab a pair of fingernail clippers and clip the threads!!!  We hurry inside.  I send Samuel to his classroom.  Callie & I follow behind.  I asked the teacher about the party.  She said, "Oh, it doesn't start until 10:00AM!!!!!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!  She had JUST told me that it would be best to bring him in MYSELF(instead of him riding the bus) and just stay all day!!  I peek into his classroom and discover that just maybe he didn't dress right today.  I see freshly pressed dress pants, shirts, ties, sweater vests.  A little girl is dressed in red velvet with white tights and shoes.  I want to scoop my jean clad child up(that INSISTED upon wearing a faded red shirt), race him home, and re-dress him.  I feel like a BAD parent for not ironing his Sunday best and sending him to school in.  On the other hand,  WHY would you send your cihld to school dressed up sooooo much to eat loads of junk food at a party????  Oh well.....the teacher was in jeans.  Now to get on with my day.....I wonder how much I can accomplish at home before I need to leave at 9:45AM????  The house looks like a bomb exploded!!!  I've sewed FAR TOO MUCH and neglected cleaning in a TERRIBLE WAY!  Now to pack all my sewing stuff away and become a lean, mean cleaning machine!!


Carrie said...

Haha! I can relate today, since Robert forgot to set the alarm and Brennan comes in at 7:30, saying, "Shouldn't you guys be up?" You should have seen the mass chaos!

Sounds like my house, except instead of sewing stuff, there are Christmas cards, baking stuff and wrapping paper everywhere! I don't know why Christmas can't be a more organized holiday! ;)

Calico Prairie said...

Oh man! Have you had a morning! Hope it all goes well!