Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Mad Dash...Only 10 Days to go!!!!!!

Sewing like mad the last several weeks.  Every spare moment has been focused on sewing gifts for Christmas.  Well, I needed to make Callie's Christmas dress so this morning I cut out and sewed up this dress for her to wear on Sunday.  I just have to hand sew the hem in the sleeves and the dress is finished.  Here are a couple of shots of her while she was modeling it for me this afternoon.  Silly girl!!!  Couldn't get one single 'normal' shot of her! :)  Later this week I will make a pettiskirt to go underneath to make it 'poof' out more!  She loves her new dress.  I'm just glad to cross one more thing to sew off my sewing Christmas list. 

Here goes.....keep in mind the sleeves are not hemmed in this picture yet!  She insisted on a picture with her arms up in the air.

Don't know WHAT this face is!  I was told by someone that she looked just like ME in this picture! :)

The green taffeta sash and rose are made with the scraps leftover from the bridesmaids' dresses from our wedding more than 13 years ago!!


Carrie said...

What can I say? I have to agree, the face DOES look like you! ;)

You know, I thought that taffeta looked familiar! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie for agreeing with me about the picture!!! he-he

Sarah H.

~Regina~ said...

Thanks girls.....:)

Carrie do you still have the bridesmaid dress? I still have the midnight blue one I wore for your wedding. It's tucked away in Callie's closet! :)