Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009

Callie poses with the Christmas tree she helped me decorate for the church dinner.  One funny story about this tree....On Sunday afternoon, the kids along with Duane & my father-in-law helped me finished up the decorating.  (Thanks guys!)  I brought a white lace tablecloth to use for the tree skirt.  We didn't have one that matched and I didn't want to buy one.  I asked Seth to arrange it underneath the tree for a tree skirt.  A little while later he calls, "Mom, does this look ok?"  To my shock, it was PERFECTLY arranged around the middle of the tree.  He had covered up the entire tree with the white lace!!!!!!!!!!  I nearly died laughing!!  I wish I had brought along my camera to take a picture of that!  :) 

I wanted to have pillar candles in logs.  My wonderful husband, with great effort, carved out 4 of these BY HAND!  I wanted several for each table, but after seeing how much work it was for him, I told him 1 for each table would be ok!  I LOVED the way they turned out though!

I decided we need new curtains for the windows to match the theme.  I bought the fabric on Saturday morning.  After lunch, I sewed & ironed for 4 solid hours to produce 8 of these for the windows.  The fabric is a deep forest green sparkly satin backed crepe.  I LOVE it!  Very nice fabric to work with.  Of course, I had to use my 'new' vintage black singer to sew them! :)  The windows have fresh cut pine branches and pine cones picked up in the woods by Dad, Callie & I.  I dried them out in my oven!  Boy, did that make my kitchen smell good!!!!

I thought putting out some luminaries would be a neat touch.  This is with the flash on....

...with the flash off....much prettier!!!

What the Family Life Center looked like with the lights out!  I LOVE candles!

The following are a TON of pictures of the crowd.  Pastor Mark had the camera....sooooo....if you don't like your's HIS fault!!! :)

I love this picture of the two of them.....they look so relaxed!!

Simon, Lauren & Seth played a violin trio.  The video is at the end of this post if you'd like to hear them!

Pastor & his wife

The teen table.  They did an awesome job serving the drinks and desserts to everyone!

This girl grabbed the camera and took her OWN picture.

Duane gets ready to sing his solo.

Yours truly, getting ready to play 'O Come all ye Faithful'.  Tina decided to hijack my camera and video me!! :)

Pastor giving his sermon.

This is what one dedicated listener did during the sermon....cracked walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds...

...oh did I mention...he used his was quite amusing to watch.  Yeah....this is my brother-in-law! :)

A beautiful trio.....'Wise Men Still Seek Him'

The cousins play 'The First Noel'

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Calico Prairie said...

Wow, what a neat event. Love the candle logs! Those are so cool!