Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is this bug!!! Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone identify this bug for me?  My father-in-law helped Simon catch bugs for his bug collection project--due tomorrow--and now they can remember what bug this was that they caught!!!!!!!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!!  I VERY thankful that Grandpa helped with the bug collection this year.  Last year, Mommy helped with the bug collection and ended up in the emergency room til 3:00 in the morning with half a straight pin buried in her finger!  They had to cut it out and stitch me back up!  I HATE BUG COLLECTIONS!!!!
Simon's Bug Collection all completed except for the one unidentified bug that I'm hoping you can identify!

Simon pokes a straight pin through a bug with grandpa's help.  I was shuddering at the crunching sounds the pins through the bugs made!  :( 


Carrie said...

Sorry, I don't recognize it. Check They have pictures of every bug imaginable!

~Regina~ said...

Thanks for the website. Wow! They have tons of VERY interesting bugs! I shuddered looking at some of them. My kids were like, "Mommy, go back, go back! What was THAT!" :)