Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 11th. Birthday, Seth!

Eleven years ago today, I gave birth to my firstborn son, Seth!  I am amazed at how fast he is growing up.  He is a wonderful son, and a great BIG help to his mommy.  I don't tell him often enough how much I appreciate him.  Life wouldn't be the same without him in our family.  We had a small family only party for him.  It was just us 6 and his grandpa.  We had homemade pizza, cake & ice cream.  He received lots of cards from friends & relatives in the mail.  We gave him a game (one of my favorites as a child--Rummikub), some new clothes, (all of the sudden he has big interest in new clothes), a new book & some socks (boring---but needed)!!  He can't wait to go shopping with the money he got in some of his cards!  I think he had a great birthday this year!  Simon can't wait until his---2 days from now!!!  Sooooo....tomorrow....another cake to bake.....more presents to bag......another birthday meal to plan.......
I fogot to buy candles for Seth's cake.  We had 2 sooooo....that's what he got on his cake this year!  It sorta looks like an 11! :)
This card was made my Simon.
Callie wanted her picture taken...I told her to sit by Seth....she got her picture taken!

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Margaret G said...

looks like he had a really nice birthday!