Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our church had a Halloween Alternative for the kids this year.  They played different games and were given 'money' to buy candy and toys.  They had a blast and came home with a bunch of candy!  Callie talked ALL day long about getting a pair of fairy wings.  Miss Angie had told her about them on Wednesday night, and Callie did NOT FORGET!!!  She was VERY happy to buy them!!!  Mommy has plans to make her a fancy fairy skirt to go with her wings for a Christmas gift. :)



Seth had to sort all his candy.

All 4 kids and their stash!

This is what I did on Thursday morning, instead of cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc....  I made myself a shirt and skirt to wear.  The picture is compliments of my 11 year old! :)

Samuel's new bed.  We finally found exactly the kind of bed we wanted for Samuel on Craig's List.  Went to look at it on Monday.  Tuesday morning, I drove the van 45 minutes away to pick it up.  It was a tight squeeze, but we managed to pack it in.  The older boys helped me unload it and set it up before daddy got home.  Samuel just LOVES his new bed!!!!  I'm happy because of the wonderful deal we got on a solid oak loft bed!!!  It also forced the boys & I to re-organize their room.  We took 2 loads to the Salvation Army. 1 load to a used kids store and got $65!!  Several trips to the trash can filled it up with broken toys, papers, etc.....  It's AMAZING the amount of stuff one kind find in 3 boys' room when moving around furniture! 

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