Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gotta love church directory family pictures!!!!!!

The title says it all......

Back about a month ago or so, we were obligated to once again sign up for an updated church directory picture!  We signed up for 6:30.  We arrived 15 minutes early.  They had told us to arrive early.  Imagine my shock in finding that 3 other families still had not had their pictures taken ahead of us!!!!!!!!!  Imagine trying to keep 4 children from running helter skelter and tearing apart their clothes while waiting until after 7:30 to sit down for our photo session.  They were tired.  They were cranky.  One had been sick ALL week long with a mysterious illness and was week.  They were hungry.  (we were going to eat after our super-quick photo session--BAD IDEA)  Mommy & Daddy were tired, hungry and I don't know about Daddy, but I was one cranky Mommy!!!!  The guy calls us back and then proceeded to put us in the most uncomfortable, unnatural poses I have ever experiences (unless I can count childbirth & pilates!lol).  When I walked out, my body was screaming in pain!!!  My head was one way, shoulders another, back twisted, legs turned this way & I was suppose to get close & personal with Duane(or so the photographer said) all the while smiling like I was gloriously happy!  Oh, did I mention that the photographer had positioned the ear pieces of my glasses up into my hair instead of over my ears where they are supposed to be!!!! grrrr......If you look closely, I'm sure you can see the true pain reflected in my eyes!  What did we gain from this experience.  A free 8 by 10.  At some point we'll get a copy of the new church directory where everyone will see our picture perfect family pose! lol  Oh....I guess a good night's sleep was had by all.  It plumb wore us out!  I think we'll definitely have someone else take another photo of us this year......Any volunteers????? 

Ya see.....I look like a giant marshmallow all puffed up and striped.  Not to mention the STRANGE shadows on all of our hair!  You'd think the whole family was going gray by this photo!  Also the picture isn't even centered!!!

After I cropped it & changed the color....a little better, but still.....(shudder) think THIS was the very BEST one they took out of over a 12 shots they kept, not to mention all the ones they deleted!!!!!
Alright, enough of my complaining.  Back to my lunch.  A bowl of vanilla ice cream, smothered in dark chocolate & melted peanut butter. read right.  I'm living life on the edge today! :)


Carrie said...

Sorry, but I have to laugh very hard. I ABSOLUTELY ABHOR church directory pictures, and I'm tickled to find someone else that hates them as much as I.

Actually, I think the picture is pretty good. At least everyone was looking at the camera and looking pleasant.

Sarah (Wolf) Fry is the only person I know right off the bat that doesn't have ANY issues getting an entire family to look like they stepped off the cover of Good Housekeeping. I'd love to give her a real challenge and let her do MY family! :)

~Regina~ said...

Thanks Carrie! :)

I wish Sarah lived closer. I'd love for her to take pictures of our family. Of course, she might have to do quite a bit of photoshopping and head cloning to get us to look like we stepped off the cover of a magazine! lol She does takes incredible pictures!!!