Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 9th. Birthday, Simon!!

Simon's 9th. birthday was on Sunday, October 4th!  Here he is in his birthday outfit.  He picked out a red sweater vest from Kohl's and begged me to buy it for him....sooo..since it was 40% off, plus I had an extra 30% coupon (compliments of a SIL in TN), I bought it for him.  He was so excited to wear it to church on his birthday!

Opening up his cards and gifts!  From us he got a length of brown fabric.  The entire month of September he would root through the clearance fabric at JoAnn's and bring me this pitiful piece of brown knit, begging me to buy it for him.  (he wanted a brown cape)  I bought it for him and now he gets to use my sewing machine to make himself a cape.  (that was another request----he wanted his own sewing machine)  He's very excited about that.  Also, some socks (his most favorite present), bakugan carrying case, & book were his other gifts from us.  He got some money in his cards from other friends, relatives.  It's already burning a hole in his pocket and he can't wait to buy something with it!!! :)

Simon with the cake that he requested.  He wanted a cake that looked like an envelope that had squiggly lines of chocolate on the sides!  I love easy birthday cake requests!!

Simon wanted the entire piece of cake that had his name on it.  He ate the entire piece, plus ice cream!!

A side-view just to give you more of an idea how BIG this piece of cake was!!!!!!

On Saturday, the day in between both boys birthdays, I gave them a combined gift--a box of popcorn, special popcorn container to put it in and a Last Chance Detectives DVD.  Didn't take the time to wrap it.  The Dollar Tree bag was fine with them!!!!!!lol


Anonymous said...

That cracks me up! Who can figure out why kids like the things they like? He's also imaginative. Who'd of thought to ask for a cake that looks like an envelope? ha

Anonymous said...

You'll have to post pics of his cape when he gets it finished!!
Sarah H.