Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Memorial Day

Duane went farming early in the morning. (He ended up putting 10 hours in!) The boys filled up the pool for Callie (and themselves). Mommy stayed inside and sewed. (sorry..no pictures of me:>) Seth asked to take the camera outside to take some pictures.
I'm wondering why my 8 year old needs goggles for 2 inches of water. :)
Throughout the day, I delivered various kids to daddy for a tractor ride. Seth is in the tractor in this picture.
For Simon's ride, I sent the camera along with him. He took pictures of what the tractor looks like on the inside.....
...and what it looks like on the outside.
Callie and Daddy taking a ride. She rode for about 4 hours! I guess she loved it! She's wearing her new 'dot' outfit (as she calls it) that I sewed for her that morning.
Samuel's ride on the tractor.
That evening, we went to Daniel & Tina's house for a cookout. Here is Tina with one of her birthday pies I made for her.
My poor brother-in-law got teased mercilessly by me. I think it's hilarious that every time he uses his laptop, he drags out a card table to set it up on. Kinda defeats the purpose of a laptop to me! :) Gotta love the eccentricities of the Thomas guys!

Hope every one had a nice Memorial Day!

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