Monday, June 8, 2009


Early this morning, I printed off all the comments from all you crafty people. Thanks for all the entries. It was fun learning what you all do and do NOT like to do craft-wise! :)
My trusty assistant helps fold all the entries and put them in the basket.
All the entries folded.
Once again, my trusty assistant helps out by drawing the winning name.

And here is the winning slip.....the flash went off.....blinding all the words off the slip of paper. Who could it be?????? Is it you???????

ooooohhhhh, a MYSTERY! :-)
To be honest, the 'fabric cutting has got to be my least favorite part of sewing. I LOVE to 'sew'......but with the cutting, I am always afraid I will mess-up.
Thank you!
Mrs. B

So a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. B of

I'll be contacting you for your address so I can ship your gift!
Update: Mrs. B, I have tried to contact you through the comment link and your web page is coming up invalid.'ll need to get contact me with your shipping address. :) If I don't hear from you, I'll have to choose another winner.

Here is what I came up with for my giveaway. I've got to admit....It's a little intimidating shipping something to another crafty sewer! :) I used leftover scraps from this year's Easter outfits and last years Mother's Day outfits. I neglected to take a picture of the black & white floral lining inside the purse. I used no pattern.....just came up with the idea for this purse in my head, started cutting & sewing! I would have loved to put a bright pink button on, but black was all I had in this size! Hope the winner enjoys!!!
Tuck the shoulder strap inside and 'voila'---a clutch!
The side & back. This was 'sew' fun to make and an exciting giveaway to participate it!!!

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