Friday, June 5, 2009

Another purse.... give away.
I've had the brilliant idea of giving a purse away to all the girls/women at Callie's birthday party this year. Didn't think the men would want one! LOL So......I thought I'd better get started. I absolutely love creating new things with my sewing machine! I found a dresden petal purse pattern online, printed it out, and changed it up a bit. I have great difficulty making something exactly like the pattern. I always like to add my own touch to it! :->
The inside has pink lining (not my favorite color, but others LOVE it), a large pocket, small pocket & magnetic snap. Sorry about the incredibly blurry picture. Had to take it without the flash. That's a little hard to do when you're holding the purse open with one hand & the camera in the other. Oh well....It was a fun purse to make!!!


Carrie said...

That is adorable! The colors are very cheery!

Comfort Joy Designs said...

Too Cute!


Di said...

I love those colours!