Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Callie's Solution to Car Trouble

My two youngest children are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Friday. Once again, Mommy will have a day off and be able to spend ALL day doing things with them. They have a trip to the park on their agenda along with taking a 'towel' to have a picnic! We might even pick strawberries early in the morning.

Meanwhile, they are trying to convince me to take them to the park tonight! I told them that the van won't start. (it's having issues---one day it starts...the next day it doesn't---grrrr) A little while later, Callie comes over and says, "But Mommy, the stroller will start!" What a smart 2 year old! I just had to laugh at her solution for us going to the park. I guess at this point I could tell her, "But Callie, my legs won't start!" LOL

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