Friday, August 5, 2011

Not my favorite place, but the kids LOVE....

......CHUCK E. CHEESE!!!!!!!!
On Monday, we packed up and drove 45 minutes to a place we go once a year or less.  :)  This was a treat for the kids.  I printed out a coupon for 160 tokens.  It didn't take them long to find 40 different games/rides to do.  They had fun and then I got to go to THEIR least favorite place....a FABRIC store!  lol
 Samuel shows off all the tickets he won.  Don't know how he did it....I couldn't win that many tickets if I tried!!!:)
 Callie wanted to ride this ride sooooo bad but she was scared it would go too high for her.  As soon as she saw another little boy on it smaller than her, she HAD to try it!!
 Simon & Seth waiting for their sister to finish using all her tokens.
 The tickets Callie won.  One of the machines spit out a ridiculous amount of tickets for no reason.  That's why she had so many.
 All the kids chose a bag of cotton candy for their prize.  It was gone by the time we arrived back home.
 Oh, these were the donuts I bought FRESH-BAKED first thing that morning.  I discovered that I had not one, but TWENTY-FIVE items OVERDUE at the library.  I rushed to take them back before the library opened, but they were still THREE DAYS LATE!!!!  Yep, that fine is gonna be a killer!!!  Sigh......

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