Friday, July 29, 2011

One man's trash is a little girl's treasure!!!

My daugther has asked many times for a dollhouse.  Well, they're a little pricey, not to mention BIG!!!  Sooooo, I've kinda filed that request in the back of my mind for another day.  Well, Wednesday morning, I woke up as usual for my early morning exercise.  My friend and I walked be something set out by the curb.  It was too dark at the time to really see what it was, but she thought it was a dollhouse.  The entire time, I was walking I had that at the back of my mind.  A dollhouse!!!  Really!!!  Would it still be there?  Was it in good shape?  The questions just rolled around until we got back to the same spot on our way home.  It was light out and I casually mentioned that I should check it out.  All the pieces looked intact.  I wondered aloud if I should pick it up and take it home.  My friend said she wouldn't fool with it, it was dirty.  That, my dears, can EASILY be fixed!!!  I picked it up and marched it home.  Took it inside and began to clean it up.  It was in PERFECT shape under the layer of dust.  A short time later I had it sitting on the table for her to 'discover' when she woke up.  I couldn't wait!!!!
 Here she is....half asleep but checking it out!!
 It has a slide out pool cover she discovered.  She and her brother played with the dollhouse and her strawberry shortcake dolls in the house for a loooong time Wednesday, and Thursday AND today!!  It's been a hit!!!  I just love the treasures that God provides for us unexpectedly! :)
 A little girl VERY HAPPY that her school books have arrived.  Once again, I will be homeschooling her for another year!  Last year was a success and I'm hoping this year will be even better!!!  She couldn't wait to tear into the boxes and see all her books.
Here she is all of her K-5 Abeka books!!!  She opened up one of her reading books and read a page to me.  She wanted to start right away!!  Yay for an eager student!:)

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