Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A girl's(& her mommy's) dream trip to American Girl Place!

Callie & I have been dreaming about stepping foot in the American Girl Place for an entire year!!!  We saved our pennies, nickels & dimes and finally Saturday was the day!!!  It literally took my breath away when I stepped in the store.  The amount of dolls & accessories, not to mention shoppers was a tad overwhelming.  We just didn't know WHERE to look first!!!  The guys in the family didn't last but a few minutes before they made a hasty exit!  Too much pink I suppose....lol
Here is the doll Callie chose to buy with her 'dollars' she had saved.  She had saved all her money for quite some time and had around half the purchase price.  Mommy chipped in and paid for the rest.  You see, I have dreamed for YEARS of owning one of these dolls so I was glad to help my daughter out.  One day, I will go back and buy myself my very own. :)  For now, I will be happy 'playing' with Callie's new doll.
 Callie really wanted the accessories that went along with her doll, Kanani.  I told her that she would have to save up for those and get them later. 
 In the background is a striped dress/leggings set that Callie wants me to make her.  I'd much rather sew it myself than pay the sticker price on the matchy doll/girl outfits. 
 In line to buy her very first American Girl doll. 
 Making a sun visor.
 After she got her visor all decorated, she was too embarrassed to put it on.  Later that day, she wore it on our walk downtown.
 She liked going up and down the escalator.  I ran down the escalator so I could snap this picture and if Callie hadn't warned me, I'd have fallen off the end!!!  I was so intent on getting a picture I wasn't paying attention about what was behind me.  Dear me....that would have been quite the sight!!
More vacation pictures coming.....


Anonymous said...

So happy you all finally got to take your special trip... glad you didn't fall off the escalator... lol

Sarah H.

Majid Ali said...
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PShack said...

I am so happy for both of you. I personally own 2 American Girl Dolls. If ever you decide to go back please take me.