Friday, August 19, 2011

It's time for school!!!

Today was the first day of school  for the kids.  I can hardly believe our children are in 7th., 5th., 1st. Kindergarten this year!!! 
Samuel, our 1st. grader, was especially happy with his mommy made 'first day of school' shirt.  He told me over and over how 'comfy' it was!!  He had a wonderful day at school.  Hope it stays that way....
 Simon, our 5th. grader, informed me that 5th. grade was going to be 'tough'.  Apparently, they were given a test in History on the first day!!  Yikes!!!!
 Seth, our firstborn, is a 7th. grader this year!  Wow, where has the time gone?  Both before and after VBS this evening he was working on homework. I'm thinking it's going to be a busy year for him. 
 Callie, our baby girl, is in Kindergarten this year.  Once again, mommy is homeschooling her.  I'm excited about this year.  Last year, it was a bit rough starting out teaching her at home.  I'm hoping all goes well this year and we have a smooth/easy start.
 Daddy takes the 3 boys to HCS for their first day of school.
 Another picture of Callie in her mommy-made 1st. day of school dress.
 She moved her hair out of the way so I could take a picture of the back.  This is a very bright, colorful dress that received many compliments from total strangers while we were out today.
 We did lessons while she sat on the couch today.  There has been absolutely no time to search for a new desk for her as of yet.  Today, she wanted to use the couch.  :)
 After completing her lessons for the day, we took a trip to the library where she did reading.  Her K-5 program doesn't start reading until lesson 68.  I don't want to wait that long for reading to be incorporated in her lessons, so today's reading lesson was at the library.  She loves how she will get to go different places for her classes.  As a surprise, I let her pick out a donut from a local bakery. 
 I decided cooking classes would be added to her curriculum this year.  She learned how to make Cream Cheese frosting today.  She measured, mixed, tasted and frosted all on her own.  She was telling people at church that she learned how to make frosting today.  Too funny!! 
 I'm thinking I need to sew her a cute little apron & chef's hat for her cooking lessons.
 I showed her how to make fancy swirls in the icing.  She wanted it smooth and flat with no swirls!  She spent quite some time trying to get the icing perfectly flat.  lol
 Her music lesson....we just did some bow exercises today.  She is just starting to learn how to hold the bow.  Sailor 4(pinky) needs to be a bit more curved and poor captain thumb kept falling out of his chair, but she had fun sailing through the air with her sailors & captain on the bow.
 Needless to say, she was quite worn out after the day's activities, and took a nap on the couch.
After school was out for the boys, we went to Burger King with our free cheesebuger coupons the kids had received from VBS.  Then we came home, spring cleaned the living room/dining room and raced around to get ready to leave again for VBS.  This has been a crazy, busy, fun-filled week for sure!!

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The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I enjoyed your post. Wow! School and VBS all in the same week? WHEW!
That's great that you are homeschooling your little girl. Her dress you made her is cute. =)

I'm glad that you are teaching your little girl music and cooking classes too, that's great. I'm sure she would love an apron and chef's hat. =) My little girl...who is 10, nearly 11...still loves aprons. =)

Have a blessed day!