Friday, July 29, 2011

Loads of Doll Clothes!!!

I am participating in a doll clothing swap and so this week I started sewing doll outfits for 18" dolls.  This fleece sweatshirt is for Callie to keep for her doll, Jenny.  It was made out of scraps from a bathrobe I made her last winter. 
Everything pictured below will be shipped out to exchange with other mama made doll clothing.  Callie is excited that some new outfits will be coming her way soon.  She did want to keep a bunch of this, but I kept telling her we were going to ship it away.  :) 
 I braided strips of knit fabric to make some stretchy headbands to go with these outfits.  I love how they turned out.
 Pink is not my favorite color, but I love how it looks with chocolate brown.
 These hooded sweatshirts are fun to make.  Callie wants an outfit like this, so I may make another one later....much later.  I'm doll clothing sewed out right now. :)
 Another stretchy braided headband.
 All four outfits together.
 I love the way these plaid outfits turned out.  The skirt has pleats in the front/back.  There was a tiny turquoise stripe through the plaid so I chose that for shirt color.  Trimmed the shirt with black ribbon, buttons and a small ruffle.  I made a cute hat also to go along with it.
 Another plaid outfit.  This one has a different ruffle on the shirt and the hat was designed just a bit differently. 
 Both outfits together.
Hooded sweatshirt dress with a funky belt.
 the dress from the back...
 A stretchy braided headband with some embellishments.
 Had fun with this's definitely 'different'.  lol
 Dress, belt and headband
Now to clean up the sewing mess and cook supper.....It was fun sewing doll clothes this week, but I'm ready to tackle something else right now. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love those patterns. Where did you get them? I need to make some doll clothes but the patterns I see look sooo hard!!!!!!! sigh....