Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Partners In Crime~

Just want to reassure all 6 of my faithful blog readers, that YES, I'm still alive!  It's been a crazy, busy, fun-filled, memory-making last several weeks.  I'm now able take a little breather and update.  I have lots of things to share, but first, this is what I caught 2 little kids doing this morning.  On the living room wall!!!  I started to get all stressed out about them pound a HUMONGOUS nail in the wall and then realized it was just a THUMBTACK!  Don't think that will do much damage, so I'm letting them be creative.  :)
Samuel pounds the second thumbtack in to secure the stack of papers!
Flipping through their papers.  Please excuse the little girl with a very bad case of bedhead hair and still wearing her nightgown and 11AM!!!  Shame on her mommy!!!! :)
Now to get on with start my day.....


Anonymous said...

So, what was on the stack of papers that it needed to go on the wall? -I can only imagine with Callie and Samuel... (;

Sarah H.

~Regina~ said...

I'm told that they were 'invitations'. I guess they wanted to invite people to some sort of imaginary event. :)