Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Storms, Sales & Supper~

Decided it was time to have my first ever garage sale at this house.  There was rain in the forecast, but I pushed ahead, praying all the while, that it wouldn't rain.  The dark clouds were ominous as my brother-in-law, Richard & my father-in-law helped me set up that morning.  I was having faith that it would NOT rain.  My dear BIL told me something to the tune of that's what the people were saying back in Noah's day before the world was flooded!!!!  Needless to say, I was quite discouraged when it poured BUCKETS, but I thought it was neat that God sent my biggest customer during the storm.  He does answer prayers, just not in the way we expected Him to! :)
There is something disturbing about seeing all the junk piled in front of ones' home for all to see and go through.  All in all it was a good sale.  Over $100 dollars of stuff that was just filling up the already full house!! :)  I hauled the leftovers to the salvation army.
Callie rode her bike around in between customers.
After the day-long garage sale, we had a fish fry.  Duane & Richard had been fishing the previous day.  Richard breaded and fried up a mess of perch for us.  He is the best fish fryer around!!!  It was super-yummy!!!!  We also had fresh-picked-from-our-garden corn on the cob and homemade french fries! 
Our cousin, An'drea relaxing with the kids outside.
Folks, the last few weeks, my house has been REAL!!!!  I've been soooo busy trying to keep up landry, teaching lessons, doing Callie's homeschool, cooking food for everyone, getting garage sale stuff ready, and helping my SIL sew, that the housework has PILED up.  Please excuse all clutter/junk/ the background of my pictures!!!! :)
The fish-fryer takin' a break!!


Anonymous said...

The house might have been a wreck, but we sure made lots of good memories... a house can always be cleaned later... :-)

Sarah H.

~Regina~ said...

You're right...memories were definitely made. The house is still waiting! :)