Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~Celebrating Christmas~

At the end of August, I planned a spontaneous Christmas celebration with Duane's sister & her husband.  They were leaving to be missionaries in the Philippines and we wouldn't see them during the holidays.  We made 4 big homemade pizzas and Christmas cutout sugar cookies.  It was the least stressful holiday celebration I've ever been a part of.  :)  Not to mention it was way more fun to bake Christmas cookies in August!!!  Here is Callie with the cookies and wearing last years' Christmas day ooga booga outfit.
Each of the kids waiting patiently for their Christmas gift.
Callie just LOVES her ponies.  I can't believe how much she looks like me in this picture!!!  I didn't notice it until uploading these pictures this morning!!!
Simon LOVED his whoopie cushion!!!!  I say LOVED(past tense), because it was soooooo well-loved and sooooo well-used it just couldn't handle all the repeated use and was jumped on(to make yet another explosive, hilarious sound) one too many times and simply split its' side!  They even put it outside my music studio door and made sounds while I was teaching!!!!!!!!!  It was tons of fun.  Another one will have to be purchased in the future.

Seth & Samuel both love playing/setting up Army bases.  More things for them to add to their collections.  Seth is excited, just acted silly, by NOT smiling. :)
Yet another strange face from Seth......
Aunt Sarah, read the kids their bedtime story that night. 

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