Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of Eggs!!!!!

So we're out of eggs!  When I went grocery shopping last week, I had 2 cartons of eggs in the refrigerator.  Well, on Sunday, Simon checked to see how many eggs I had left.  ONLY FOUR!!!!!!  I needed all four of those eggs to make Callie's carrot cake for her party that night.  Soooooo.....all week long I've been out of eggs.  Last night, Simon asked if he could bake some cookies all. by. himself!  I googled eggless cookies and found and printed a recipe for peanut butter cookies.  While I sat at the table and peeled and packed peaches for canning, Simon got out the ingredients and mixed/baked these cookies up.
He did a great job making perfect-sized cookies with my Pampered Chef cookie scoop.  (I love their scoops!!!)  He DID NOT want anyone helping him at all!!!!
He kept getting on his brothers and sister because they kept asking if they could 'help' him.  It was kind of funny seeing them do to him what all four of the kids normally do to me! :)
Simon showing off his collection of 50 cookies!!  They turned out quite yummy!!!  Now I have a new cookie baker in the house! 
Oh, we now have 2 dozen EXTRA-LARGE eggs compliments of Daddy going to the grocery store late last night! :)

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