Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who wants to join in?

Summer is winding down to an end.  School starts in only 18!!!!  I've procrastinated away ALLLLLLL summer long on implementing exercise back into my daily routine.  I have made up my mind that this week all of that is going to change.  I have joined with some other online friends in the couch to 5k program.  You can find more about that here.  Good news is, it takes only 3 days a week!!!  I'd love to have some more friends join in with me! :)  It looks like a fun and easy way to get back in the routine of exercise.  I think I'll have my 2 older boys join in with me!!!  They need some more exercise, plus they have a stopwatch and know how to use it!  We'll need that for keeping track of times! :)  Oh, and did I mention that a prize is being given away?!!  Click here to find out more info!!!  Maybe I should take a before and after picture.  This program is 9 weeks long and I'm hoping that I'll look just a bit different by the end of the 9 weeks!!!  Here I go............


Angie Davis said...

I've just waddled back from a 2 mile walk tonight, and wish I had run instead. I wish you a ton of slimming success with your program. I don't know that it has helped my thighs, but running does wonders for my morale.

Audrey Ayers said...

Regina-I'm so glad you found my blog at such a great time...a giveaway! I'm proud to say that you won the giveaway of the new Quik Time Metronome! Please email me your mailing address or if you have a special student that you would like to receive it, you can send that mailing address instead. I will get it in the mail as soon as I get your email. Congrats and welcome again. Can't wait to share ideas w/ you!