Monday, August 9, 2010

So you want to have a CARROT party!!!!

What's a mom to do when her 4 year old girl comes up on a Wednesday night and asks if to make out some invitations?  She asks her daughter "what for."  Daughter replies, "I what to have a carrot party." make a long story short.  She invited the people she wanted to invite over.  Mommy stayed up while everyone napped  and made 'carrot' foods!!! :)  It was fun to do and definitely and party-theme this mom ever attempted to do before. 
We had pizza breads turned into carrots with the addition of 3 strips of crinkled green paper.  Carrots-n-dip, carrot cake and then a few 'non-carrot' food items to fill in. 
Another 'carrot' pizza!!!
Callie and her 'carrot' cake.  I made it gluten-free so I could have some!!!  It was yummy!!!  And......there's lots left for me to snack on this week. :)  Oh, and on a side note.....I've completed week 1 of the couch to 5k program.  It felt great to get out and exercise in the blazing hot sun and sweat off some fat!!! lol
This morning, I'll be starting week 2.  Yippee!!!!!!!!!

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