Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~Callie's 'strawberry' party!~

Callie has been counting down the days to her 4th. birthday for weeks!  Every morning she would wake up and tell me how many days til her birthday!! :)  Here she is 'patiently' waiting for daddy to take pictures of her and her presents. 
She loves her new Strawberry Shortcake doll.  It says different phrases and sings songs if you press her hands.
Grandpa reads Callie her cards.
Another favorite gift--A Snow White dress, tiara & shoes that I have kept in my closet for years!!!  I bought this super-cheap when she was a baby and have been anxiously awaiting the time for her to grow into it!! :) 
Samuel got picked to get a prize from the library this week.  He picked out a book for his sister and gave it to her as a birthday gift.
Callie was quite captivated with Grandpa using newspaper for wrapping paper.  We no longer use wrapping paper(we use re-usable fabric gift bags), so this was a special treat for her to tear open a gift.  I love my father-in-law's creativity in wrapping and selecting gifts for the kids.   
Can you tell she is excited to get a box of a favorite cereal for grandpa!!! :)  He also bought her a giant box of ice cream cones!!!  YUMMY!!!
Callie has been waiting to open all her cards that came in the mail.  I always keep them back until their actual birthday for them to open.  This card was from her Grandpa & Grandma.  She's excited about going shopping with the money they gave her.  She also got a card from an uncle, aunt & cousin for her shopping trip.  Now she is counting the days until mommy is taking her shopping! :)
Callie, our 4 year old, with all her birthday cards & gifts.
See all the balloons---Callie blew up EVERY single pink balloon.  12 total!!!  She has quite the set of lungs! :)  Samuel helped blow up the green ones.  Callie wanted pizza for her birthday dinner.
A strawberry cake was requested.  It was very easy to make.  I melted chocolate and wrote her name and the #4 in chocolate to decorate the cake. 
Smiling for Daddy.
Blowing out the candles....
It took her 3 times to blow them all out.  Candles were provided by Grandpa.  Mommy ran out---AGAIN!!! :(
On Sunday, Callie requested a strawberry dress for her birthday.  She specifically wanted a shirt and a skirt.  I sewed all morning, taught lessons, sewed some more, taught more lessons, finished sewing!  3.5 hours of sewing on her birthday outfit today!  She loved it!!!
The neighbor lady was practicing piano.  Callie was asking what that sound was when I snapped this picture.
Full length view of her 'strawberry' shirt and skirt.  The shirt buttons in the back and has cute little slits with bow embellishments on the front.  The skirt was just a simple tiered peasant-style skirt.
She wanted this particular posed photograph taken before going inside.
Now more pictures with her new princess outfit.  Aren't the gloves hysterical?
Looks like she's ready to shoot some guns!!! :)
I love this back shot of Callie.
And one last picture.....Aren't little girls feet in high heel dress-up shoes simply adorable?!! :)
And if you got this far, thanks for sharing in Callie's birthday celebration with us!! :)  She had a wonderful birthday today and is ready for bed!!!!!  Off to read a bedtime story to two little munchkins...... 


Angie Davis said...

Very sweet birthday celebration! Happy birthday to Callie. Kinda makes me want a girl....kinda... ;o)

Carrie said...

Awww, happy birthday, Callie! I can't believe you're already 4 years old!!

Jeanne (Shackelford) McIntosh said...

Darling pictures. It looks like she had a grand time.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! She is such a ham!! I'm sure she keeps life interesting for you.