Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Can I have some Ketchup, Please?"

Those were the words out of the mouth of my jokester-lovin' 9 year old last night!  After a shopping trip to Kohl's, Seth, Simon & I go through the drive-thru at McDonalds for some ice cream.  As the lady hands us our ice cream, Simon leans over and asks for some Ketchup!!!  The lady gapes at us, eyes bulging out and replies, "What did you say?"  He repeats the question.  She just stares at us in bewilderment!  I explain to the poor girl that it was a joke.  As we drive away, I'm thinking that she just didn't get it!!! lol   The boys laugh all the way home and daddy has to get after them at home 'cause their little brother & sister are sleeping!

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