Thursday, February 11, 2010

LATE night motivation...and doing a happy are back in SCHOOL!!!!!

I was motivated last night.  After spending the ENTIRE day cutting out, ironing & sewing heart-shaped items I was SICK of sewing, cutting, glueing, ironing hearts!!!  In fact, I decided I didn't like heart-shaped items anymore!!!  I spied this fabric basket on another blog and knew I just had to make a couple.  I did things a bit differently then the other one I saw, and am happy with the results.

The anticipation of my children going to school today, stirred up the creative juices quite late last night.  I finished one a little before 2:00 AM and put the finishing touches on the second one early this morning.  I used 17 different fabrics for each one.  Makes for a quite colorful basket.  I'm keeping the pink/brown lined one on my sewing machine to keep all my clippings/threads in as I'm sewing.  The blue dotted lined one was shipped out this morning for a missionary lady in our conference.  Hope she likes it!! :)
without flash you can see the colors better but it's quite fuzzy...
with the simply washes out all the pretty colors!!! :(  One of these days, I'll learn how to take a decent picture! :)
Now to get motivated to CLEAN my house!  Two days of being snow-stuck does WONDERS for the way a house seems to FALL APART!! :) 


sankey family said...

I love it!Thanks...

Stephanie said... that's where I'm jealous! When the kids are off, I'm off, and when the kids go to school I go right along with them! Most of the time I like it that way, but I'll admit I have my moments where I'd just like to drop 'em off at the door and drive on! Have a good the items you are making!