Friday, March 5, 2010

~Eating by Candlelight~

I've given up (put aside for now) a great deal of things but, my one luxury for dinner is to light candlesI have 2 brass candlesticks(a wedding gift from Duane) that have candles lit every meal.  Callie & Samuel each get to blow one out when dinner is over.  Seth or Simon usually light them for me.  For some reason, just that simple thing, lighting of the candles, makes me relax and enjoy the meal more. Even if it's only hot dogs and mac-n-cheese!! :) Silly, I know.....

Callie decided she wanted her own candle lit for lunch.  I pulled out a class votive holder and gave Callie her candle.  Here she is enjoying her Taco Salad lunch on Tuesday. 
Samuel, after seeing his sisters' candle, insisted that he have his OWN candle lit.  Back again to the china cabinet I went.  Rummage around and found another brass holder(another wedding gift from Duane).  Put a candle in it and he was happy!  Yes, I realize he's wearing a Christams shirt, but I let him.  He'll outgrow long before next Christmas, and he might as well get some more use out of that Ooga Booga shirt I made him!:)
Here they both are, enjoying their taco salads and their lit candles!  They've insisted on candles everyday this week for lunch, don't know what I'm going to do when I take them out for lunch at Wendy's today!!! 


Anonymous said...

How about a tutorial for the bag you made a few posts back?

You're very creative!

Anonymous said...

Try this isn't letting me leave a comment on my own blog. Will try commenting as anonymous! :)

Thanks! If you're talking about the strip fabric basket I made a few posts back, here is the link to where I found a tutorial for it.

Instead of cutting squares like she did, I cut long strips. The neat thing about this basket is that you can change the sizes of strips/squares and bottom piece to make it as big as you like! :)

Anonymous said...

I shall do just that. Thanks a million!