Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Twirly Girl!

I finally sewed a new outfit for Callie! She was quite unhappy with me when I was just sewing stuff for Samuel! :) I have stacks of fabric waiting to be sewn up into clothes for her, but she wanted her zebra skirt and shirt. As soon she tried it on she wanted to go outside and twirl around.....
....and around....
...and around!
Yes, I realize there's an empty milk jug on the ground. Blame it on the boys taking the trash out and not all of the trash making it into the trashcan! :)
All that twirling made her tired! She sits on a chair (conveniently left outside) and takes a break!
Our little baby girl is growing up fast!
All rested up and ready to twirl some more....
Momma just loves her little girl in twirly skirts! :)

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