Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water, Kids & a COMBINE!!!!! Not to mention some crazy pictures of ME!!

A couple of Fridays ago, we spent our 'Fun Day' at Daniel & Tina's house. They gave us the use of their pool & backyard. Someone elses backyard is always more fun than your own, right?
I found a link for some cute modest bathing suits online. The patterns are 20.00 each, so I decided to come up with my own pattern for Callie with some fabric I had at home. I sewed it up in the morning before we left. I was really happy with the way it turned out. Now I want to make one for me!!
Callie & Samuel found a wagon. The boys rather reluctantly gave them a ride around the yard.
Samuel is trying to tell Callie something....she's not listening!
Daniel & Tina's new pool. It was a blast! Thanks for sharing guys!!

Simon can sure come up with some faces.
Seth doesn't like to swim without goggles!
Callie found another toy to ride around on.
This loud machine caught the attention of all of us!
Alright, it's back to swimming.
Posing for mommy....
"Will somebody give me a ride?"
An shot of water in action!
Seth shivers....the water was COLD at first! It took me FOREVER to get my whole body in. Of course, there's quite a lot of me......
Seth hides from mommy's camera!
Callie found a baby doll & Samuel found some vehicles. They fought over who got the most space to play on the picnic table!
The story of the doll.....
Once upon a time a little girl found a baby doll wrapped up in a towel. It was sitting in a bath tub on her Aunt Tina's back porch. She brought it to her mommy and asked if she could play with it. I didn't think her Aunt would mind, so I said 'yes'. She proceeds to unwrap the baby doll. It's naked!!! Callie found a sleeper for it and wanted me to help put it on. I was glad to help get that naked baby dressed! She played with it for awhile and then started crying, "Mommy, the baby has 'dirties' on its bottom!" I looked over and sure enough it was soaked. Great, now we've got the doll all wet. I figured the kids had splashed water on it from the pool. I decided to take off the sleeper and dry it in the sun. Aunt Tina would never know we got the sleeper all wet! :) Imagine my surprise when I took off the sleeper and water started dripping out of the doll. Apparently, this particular doll is supposed to be like a real one and pee-pee! Horrors!!! The boys happened to glance over as I was trying to shake all the 'water' out. I won't even go into all that they said, just that they were hysterically amused at the peeing doll! I do know one thing....we will NEVER have one of those dolls in our house!
Fast forward to the next day.....we went shopping for a doll for Callie at TJ Maxx. I was showing her all the baby dolls and asking if she liked it or not. Whenever I would come to the 'Drink & Wet' dolls, she would proclaim in a VERY LOUD VOICE, "No, I don't want that doll mommy, It goes pee-pee!" I could feel the looks of the other parents around me!
Putting the doll away!
Samuel all geared up for the pool!
Callie pretty much sat on the ladder while I was in the pool. She would let me take her around, but I couldn't let go of her. I think she might have inherited my great fear of water!
There's the noisy combine again. This time dumping his load.
Samuel ran over to check it out.
Words cannot express these next 3 pictures that my boys took of me!

The End of a VERY LONG blog post!

If you were curious enough to look at all the pictures now here's a couple of funny videos of my kids. Simon & Seth both asked me to record them......Enjoy!

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Carrie said...

Ok, so your kids are absolutely hilarious!

I'll have to say I have deep admiration for any woman who lets their child have the camera while she's in the pool! :D