Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just 100 things.......

Some folks, for their 100th. post, write 100 things about themselves. I thought that sounded like a neat thing to do. Well......I checked to see how many posts I had written. This is my 125th. one. So here goes the list of things about me a little late. Enjoy!

1. Born in Ohio.
2. Raised in Ohio.
3. Still live in Ohio.
4. Went to college at the age of 16.
5. I was so shy that at first I wouldn't go to the cafeteria at mealtime.
6. I have long since outgrown that shyness.
7. I Play & teach multiple instruments-----flute, violin, viola, piano
8. I always dreamed of marrying a tall, dark-haired, green-eyed man.
9. I married him when I was 18.
10. I had my 1st. son at the age of 20.
11. My 2nd. son at the age of 22.
12. My 3rd. son at the age of 26.
13. My one & only daughter at the age of 28.
14. I turned 30 last April.
15. I enjoyed a normal birthday party given by my mother.
16. I love fairy-tales with happy endings.
17. I have 2 favorite seasons---Spring & Fall.
18. I love dancing with my kids to movie credit music.
19. I love cooking and baking.
20. I love trying out new recipes. After subjecting my family to an entire week of new recipes, my husband winces when I mention that I'm trying a new recipe! :)
21. I love constant change.
22. I'm constantly moving/re-arranging things in my house.
23. I do NOT like routine!
24. I get bored and restless VERY easily.
25. I have a very SHORT attention span.
26. I am seriously wondering if I'll be able to type 100 things about myself!
27. I sometimes I wish I had a bubblier personality. :)
28. People think that I am a perfectionist.
29. I have learned how to turn something that is imperfect into something that everyone THINKS is perfect.
30. Instead of fixing an oops. I am constantly thinking how I can turn the oops into something new and wonderful!
31. My brain shuts down when reading directions.
32. I'm a kinesthetic learner.
33. In other words, I learn best by doing it myself and not someone telling my how to do it!
34. When someone tells me what to, I want to do the opposite.
35. I guess I'm very contrary! :)
36. I think washing dishes is therapeutic.
37. I love sewing.
38. I love to have my family wear matching colors to church on Sunday.
39. That rarely happens anymore! :(
40. I would love to a take a vacation to Alaska.
41. My dream job would be to work for the FBI or CIA.
42. Have you recovered from the shock yet?
43. My dream car is a lime green VW bug.
44. I did NOT want to get my driver's license!
45. I finally got them at the age of 19. I would not ever recommend having your husband teach you how to drive!
46. I still HATE to drive!
47. I teach a kid's class at church on Wednesday nights.
48. I try to take my kids once a month to sing/play at an assisted living home.
49. I enjoy taking walks with my kids on nice days.
50. I do NOT like scraping off the windshield in the winter.
51. I use to be a nervous wreck thinking I was going to be late picking up my kids from school.
52. Now, if I'm late, I'm late. No use giving myself more grey hairs over something as mundane as that! :)
53. I have discovered that there are FAR BIGGER things to worry about then being a little late somewhere.
54. My favorite color would have to be all different shades of green.
55. My least favorite color is pink.
56. I grew up in an all pink room. Pink walls, pink carpet, pink curtains, pink bedspread. I think that explains #55.
57. I absolutely love chocolate!
58. I love to exercise.
59. Exercise makes me feel wonderful!
60. I wish I could commit to exercise on a regular basis!
61. I love pizza!
62. I could eat pizza every night of the week and not get tired of it.
63. I'm having leftover pizza today for lunch. YUMMY!
64. I wish I could think of a spectacular April Fool's Day joke to play on my family.
65. I'm definitely running out of things to write about.
66. It's hard for me to share things with others about myself.
67. I guess you would consider me a private person.
68. I had the best mother-in-law in the world!
69. I felt like I had lost a mom when she died.
70. I still miss not being able to talk to her, go shopping with her, laugh with her, share dinners with her, just be around her.
71. I like to picture her up in Heaven taking care of my baby.
72. I have dreamed about having a hammock in my backyard.
73. My husband bought me one last summer.
74. I can't wait 'til it's nice enough to set it up again!
75. I have always wanted to have a set of twins.
76. I am happy to say that God made me an Aunt of twin boys!
77. If I want to borrow twins for the day and be mommy to them, I'm sure my sis-in-law would love the break! :)
78. I'm waiting for someone to invent a self-cleaning house.
79. I figure there are self-cleaning ovens, dishwashers, car washers------why not invent a self-cleaning refrigerator and house. That person would be a very, very wealthy person!
80. I would love to write a book.
81. I have a very wild imagination and like to make up stories about people in the store, driving down the road, etc...
82. That could be a very good reason why my attention span is so short.
83. I am a daydreamer.
84. Sometimes, I seem to go out and spontaneously do something impulsively.
85. In reality, I have mulled it over in my mind for months, sometimes years.
86. We used to have caller id.
87. I wish we still did.
88. I love to watch a good movie/TV show!
89. I love to read books.
90. I love mysteries, comedies, inspirational books with a touch of romance. I don't like it all mush and gush. I prefer more conflict and sparks between the hero/heroine.
91. I would love to take my daughter to the American Girl store in Chicago.
92. I need to hurry up and think of 8 more things.
93. My 2 toddlers have gotten out the little violin and are sawing away on it in the music room.
94. I had always dreaming of having a music room and that dream came true when we moved here 5 years ago.
95. I would love it if someday all my kids could play at least one instrument good enough to play in church.
96. I want all my kids to grow up loving and serving Jesus.
97. I have a desire to a better wife and mother.
98. If I would apply all the things I have learned in all the marriage/mommy books that I have read in my short life-time, #97 would be a reality.
99. I would love to be able to slow down from my fast-paced life and enjoy each and every moment. The last 2 days have forced me to slow down. I can't say that I have enjoyed every moment though! I am fighting a terrible cold. :(
100. I hope you all have a Happy April Fool's Day! I've worked up quite the appetite typing 100 things about myself. I'm going to go eat pizza! :)


Carrie said...

There were several things I wanted to comment on, but now I can't remember what number they were!

I didn't know Duane taught you to drive! I also didn't know that you were EVER shy!

~Regina~ said...

Oh husband did indeed attempt to teach me to drive. To make a long story short, the car ended up having to be fixed. He made me go backwards down a long country road repeatedly. I have been told I need to write that story down. Maybe, one day.....

As for my shyness....Yes, I was once terribly shy. But, everyone I tell just can't believe it! I guess I hid it pretty good. I have long since outgrown most of it. :) Now, I can be so outspoken, my husband and friends are sometimes quite embarrassed. That's another story I need to write down. Maybe for that book I dream of writing, I'll just write down stories of my own life expreriences. Something to pass on the kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, great-great grandkids, etc..... :)