Monday, April 13, 2009

~A Birthday Lunch at P.F. Chang's~

Monday, I spent the morning shopping with my sister-in-law, Sarah. We had fun without any kids along. (Thanks to grandma for watching my 4!) Sarah treated me to a wonderful Chinese lunch at P.F. Chang's. Here is me attempting to eat a bite of food with chopsticks. I'll say this much.....if I had to eat with chopsticks all the time, I wouldn't have any excess weight on my body!!!! Don't know how in the world people eat with those things!
Crispy-Honey Chicken with brown rice....YUMMY!!!!!! I also devoured 2 gigantic egg rolls that were out of this world!
We asked the waiter to take a picture of us. Thank goodness Sarah has picture texting on her phone so we could have some shots of our day! Of course, we had to send a picture to Duane to show where we were at. (He does NOT like Chinese food!) He responded with the fact that he was eating Mexican food at Taco Bell. :)
We just had to take a picture of this strange soup. It was Hot & Sour soup that came with our lunches. The waiter told me how wonderful it was and everyone just loved it! Don't believe everything a waiter tells you at a restaurant. They're being paid for it!!! :) Let's just say I took one taste of the broth and one teensy-weensy bit of tofu (just to say I have eaten tofu!) and that was enough for me! I'll save the soup for someone else! The rest of the meal was absolutely delicious! Thanks, Sarah, for a wonderful birthday lunch!!!!

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sarah said...

P.F. Changs.. not that it really matters. Glad you enjoyed it. Nathan enjoyed the leftovers I brought him, but was grumbling about not getting to actually go.