Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

After church, Callie & Samuel decided to pick some dandelions. I ran and grabbed my camera and here is where my daughter sat when I got back outside.
I think Samuel's favorite flower is a dandelion! :) He loves picking them for Mommy.
As brothers and sisters do, they started fighting over who was going to pick the flowers. I pointed out to them that there were plenty to go around! :)
Samuel collected quite a large bouquet of dandelions. We put them in a glass jar for our Sunday Dinner's centerpiece. He was thrilled!
A view of my tulip flower bed. There are a few holes in the border that I need to fill in. The trick is remembering to plant the bulbs in the right spots in the fall. Maybe this year I'll remember. :)
Yellow tulips.....
Orange tulips.....
A Purple tulip...
One of my favorite hostas.....It looks blue when the leaves are unfurled.
My special hosta. This was planted from a start from Duane's grandma Caldwell who passed away a few years ago. I dug it up from our old home and planted it here when we moved. My husband dug it up by accident a couple years ago with an excavator. I feared for it's life. I'm happy to see it coming up for another year! I love perennials!!!!
My kids are growing cabbages this year. They each received a plant from school. We were a little worried about how they were looking. The boys were so sad because they thought they had died. :( I was happy to report to them that new leaves were growing.
The next couple of pictures are of my favorite plant to grow ever! Sedum!!!! I absolutely LOVE this plant. You cannot kill it! It survives anything! Another bonus is gorgeous blooms in the fall! I collect every single variety that I can find in the stores around here.
This is a new variety I bought 2 years ago. I transplanted some into a new flower bed on the side of our home. This was just a little tiny piece when I transplanted it last fall. Now it is a decent sized plant.
My new sedum flowerbed. Each one of these plants was a tiny twig last fall. I actually bought 2 containers on sale and broke them all apart in small pieces, planted them, and am pleased with the results. Each year they will keep getting bigger! YEAH!!!!
Back to my 2 youngest.....posing in front of a huge ugly pine tree in the front of our house. The bark is beautiful, but the tree itself........AWFUL! The power company has been trimming the branches for years. Let's just say, we have a pine tree that looks like a palm tree! I should have taken a picture of what the top of the tree looks like! Very sad......
Samuel wanted me to take his picture with his bouquet of dandelions.
Where's Callie? she is!
Where's Samuel at.......
Samuel found a bird's nest. He's looking in the tree telling me that the nest fell down from the tree.
Samuel's bird's nest.
~The END of a VERY long picture post~
~The START of a Sunday afternoon nap~

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