Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spring Music Recital 2012

Seth played If I Were a Rich Man for the processional.  The only problem, the music students didn't 'process' up the aisle til the very last couple of measures!!!  I was getting a tad worried.  :)
Callie played 2 songs on her violin.  Poor girl was a nervous wreck this time and totally forgot one of her songs.  She looked at me before playing every single note.  It was funny!  She survived and we were proud of her.  :)
Samuel playing the piano.  He played a duet with me.  I'm playing on another digital piano that we  hauled in for the recital for 2 piano duets.  I loved having all the 2 piano duets, but WOW was that a BIG job to haul in a piano!!!
Some of my adult students and I played 2 songs together.  They have fun playing ensemble music!
My niece and nephew both played piano in the recital.  
So glad that the Spring Recital is over until next year!!  :)

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